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(A) Any person, firm or corporation finding it necessary to cut any sidewalk or pavement or excavate in any street, alley or public property shall first file an application and bond with the Public Works Department. The application shall set out:

(1) The location of the proposed cut or excavation;

(2) The purpose of the proposed work; and

(3) The estimated time required to complete the work.

(B) The bond shall be in the penal sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) on a form approved by the City Attorney. The bond shall be conditioned that the applicant will properly barricade and protect the cut or excavation, and that the applicant will indemnify and save harmless the city from any and all loss, damages and expenses arising out of the applicant’s work. The bond shall be further conditioned that the applicant will pay to the City the cost of refilling and repairing pavement, if it is not properly done by the applicant.

(C) No bond will be required for the replacement of a residential driveway.

(D) A permit fee shall be charged in connection with issuing each construction permit to set fixtures in the public right-of-way within the City as provided in K.S.A. 17-1901, and amendments thereto, to compensate the City for issuing, processing, and verifying the permit application. Such permit fee shall be adopted by the Governing Body of the City by resolution. (Ord. 13-41 § 1, 2013; Ord. 08-82 § 2, 2008; Ord. 02-105 § 1, 2002.)