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Subsection [A] 116.1.1 is hereby added to the International Building Code and shall read as follows:

[A] 116.1.1 Immediate hazard procedures authorized. When, in the opinion of the Building Official, any structure is in such condition as to constitute an immediate hazard requiring immediate action to protect the public, such officer may erect barricades or cause the property to be vacated, taken down, repaired, shored or otherwise made safe without delay and such action may, under such circumstances, be taken without prior notice to or hearings of the owners, agents, lienholders, and occupants. The cost of any such action shall be assessed against the property and paid in the manner provided by Section 116.6.3.

(Ord. 19-27 § 21, 2019; Ord. 12-41 § 2, 2012.)