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Subsection [F] 903.3.5.3 is hereby added to the International Building code and shall read as follows:

[F] 903.3.5.3 Main control valves. Water supply lines for automatic sprinkler systems shall be provided with a control valve located on the riser. The valve shall be capable of isolating the underground fire service main from the automatic sprinkler system.

[F] 903. Main control valve access. The main control valve shall be accessible. To be considered accessible, a clear space three (3) feet wide by three (3) feet by seven (7) feet high shall be provided in front of the valve. Access to the clear space shall be provided by an unobstructed aisle not less than three (3) feet wide and seven (7) feet high. The valve shall be operable from the floor level.

(Ord. 19-27 § 31, 2019.)