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Subsection [F] 903.4.1 of the International Building Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

[F] 903.4.1 Monitoring. Alarm, water flow, supervisory and trouble signals shall be distinctly different and shall be automatically transmitted to an approved UL-listed central station as defined in NFPA 72, or, when approved by the fire code official, shall sound an audible signal at a constantly attended location. The fire alarm system installed to transmit such signals shall be considered a building fire alarm system and shall be documented as a UL-certificated central station service system. In occupancies required to be equipped with a fire alarm system, the control and backflow preventer valves shall be electrically supervised by a tamper switch installed in accordance with NFPA 72 and separately annunciated.


1. Underground key or hub valves in roadway boxes provided by the municipality or public utility are not required to be monitored.

2. Backflow prevention device test valves located in limited area sprinkler system supply piping shall be locked in the open position.

3. Backflow prevention device valves located in an exterior, underground vault may be chained and locked in the open position in lieu of electronic tamper switches where approved by the fire code official.

(Ord. 19-27 § 32, 2019; Ord. 12-41 § 2, 2012.)