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Subsection [F] 907.6.6 of the International Building Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

[F] 907.6.6 Monitoring. Fire alarm systems required by this chapter or by the International Building Code shall be monitored by an approved supervising station in accordance with NFPA 72. An Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Fire Alarm certificate shall be issued by the UL listed fire alarm contractor for all newly installed fire alarm system or existing fire alarm systems included in any existing building involved in any construction project involving a building permit. Any fire alarm system involved in one (1) or more false alarms within the same calendar year shall be subject to a fee in accordance with Section 16.07.070 of the Olathe Municipal Code. Any fire alarm system involved in four (4) or more false alarms within the same calendar year will be required to meet the monitoring requirements of new fire alarm systems, including the issuance of a UL fire alarm certificate. The Fire Department shall maintain a listing of approved UL listed fire alarm contractors.

Exception: Monitoring by a supervising station is not required for:

1. Single- and multiple-station smoke alarms required by Section [F] 907.2.10.

2. Smoke detectors in Group I-3 occupancies.

3. Automatic sprinkler systems in one- and two-family dwellings.

(Ord. 19-27 § 35, 2019; Ord. 12-41 § 2, 2012.)