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Section 101.2 of the International Property Maintenance Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

101.2 Scope. The Governing Body finds that there exists structures and lands within the City which have a blighting influence on surrounding properties and neighborhoods. These structures and lands cause blight because walls, sidings or exteriors are not panted or properly maintained; there is inadequate maintenance of building trim, windows, doors roofing, guttering foundations and detached structures; and there exists unsightly stored or parked material, equipment, supplies, machinery, inoperable trucks or automobiles, or parts thereof, upon the property. The Governing Body further deems it necessary to require or cause such structures and lands to be adequately maintained. The provisions of this code shall apply to all existing residential and nonresidential structures and all existing premises. It constitutes minimum requirements and standards for premises, structures, equipment and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, a reasonable level of safety from fire and other hazards, and for a reasonable level of sanitary maintenance; the responsibility of owners, an owner’s authorized agent, operators and occupants; the occupancy of existing structures and premises, and for administration, enforcement and penalties.

(Ord. 19-36 § 3, 2019.)