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Section 302.8 of the International Property Maintenance Code is hereby repealed, and a new Section 302.8 is added and shall read as follows:

302.8 Outdoor Storage – One and Two-Family Dwellings. No property owner or resident shall allow the placement, storage, installation or construction of any item, object or structure on any property zoned or used for a single-family or two-family residence except as specifically and explicitly permitted by this section. The following items, objects or structures are permitted:

(A) Any item, object or structure permitted under the applicable provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance and Municipal Code, in full compliance with the authorizing provision. The intent of this subsection is to permit only those items specifically permitted under the applicable zoning district regulations or the applicable accessory use regulations.

(B) Authorized trash containers stored and maintained in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 6.04 of the Olathe Municipal Code.

(C) Firewood, neatly stacked, provided that such storage shall not occur at any location on the property that is closer to a street than the nearest primary wall surface of the residence. For the purposes of this section, “primary wall surface” shall mean any exterior wall surface of the residence that is visible from the street and not perpendicular to the street, but excluding porches, carports and minor building projections such as fireplaces or bay windows.

All other items. Any item, object or structure not specifically authorized in subsections (a), (b) or (c) must be located within a fully enclosed structure, or within the back yard and substantially screened from view from any adjacent property.

The Chief Planning Official may approve mature landscape materials as an acceptable screen if they determine that it provides the substantial equivalent of approved fence or wall materials. Materials for a fence or wall shall be of a type, material and quality compatible with the immediate neighborhood, as determined by the Chief Planning Official. Such screening shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with applicable City codes and shall be adequate to prevent substantial viewing of the enclosed objects from any place within the adjacent property or any structure located on that property.

Notwithstanding any other applicable provisions, permitted items, objects or structures shall occupy no more than twenty percent (20%) of the allowable outside storage area. In measuring the area occupied by such items, objects or structures to determine if the permitted twenty percent (20%) is exceeded, a rectangle shall be constructed to include all points where any such item, object or structure is located, and the area shall be calculated to include all that area within the rectangle. This method of calculating area shall not apply to those items specifically authorized in subsections (a), (b) or (c) above.

(Ord. 19-36 § 18, 2019.)