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Section 302.9 of the International Property Maintenance Code is hereby repealed, and a new Section 302.9 is added and shall read as follows:

302.9 Outdoor storage – other property. No property owner or occupant shall allow the placement, storage, installation or construction of any item, sales inventory, object or structure on any property other than that property zoned or used for a single-family or two-family residence except as specifically and explicitly permitted by this section. The following items, objects or structures are permitted:

(A) Any item, sales inventory, object or structure permitted under the applicable provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance and Municipal Code, in full compliance with the authorizing provision. The intent of this subsection is to permit only those items specifically permitted under the applicable zoning district regulations or the applicable accessory use regulations.

(B) Authorized trash containers stored and maintained in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 6.04 of the Olathe Municipal Code.

(Ord. 19-36 § 19, 2019.)