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City Hall Meeting Rooms Use

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To set forth general public policy objectives of the city as it relates to the use of meeting rooms in city hall.

Statement of Policy:

The statement of policy is hereby incorporated with Resolution No. 11-1070. Previous policy covering meeting room use were established with Resolution Nos. 06-1133, 05-1009, 02-1131 and 02-1113.


This policy no. was previously assigned to Conflict of Interest (Pecuniary Interest) and that statement of policy was repealed. Reference documentation for that policy can be found in Ordinances 99-127, 99-126 and 89-83.



WHEREAS, the City of Olathe wants to allow the public the ability to use a meeting rooms in City Hall, 100 East Santa Fe; and

WHEREAS, the City of Olathe wants the use of the meeting rooms to be a positive experience for both the City and the public;

WHEREAS, the City of Olathe wants to establish a fee for the use of meeting rooms available to the public; and

WHEREAS, the City of Olathe establishes this resolution to manage the internal operation of its City Hall and City facilities.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF OLATHE, KANSAS, that the following meeting room use and fees are established for City Hall:

SECTION ONE: The City of Governors room(s) (COG) in 100 East Santa Fe (City Hall) is to be used to conduct City business and City related programs. After these needs are met, the COG may be available as a limited public forum to groups and organizations in accordance with this resolution.

The Council Chamber, the Council Executive Conference Room, and all other meeting rooms not mentioned above in City Hall are limited to City sponsored or City co-sponsored functions. No food or drink is allowed in the Council Chamber (except for Councilmembers). Food and drink are allowed in the COG, but will not be provided by the City (see Section Two).

SECTION TWO: The City of Olathe will make available the COG for use by all non-City groups. Non-City groups are defined as groups of an educational, cultural, governmental, corporate, business or commercial nature that are not related to political campaigns under the following conditions:

1. The COG is available and may be scheduled through the City’s Facility Maintenance Division (FM) up to three (3) months in advance.

a. A room request must be made in writing on the application form provided for that purpose, not less than five (5) business days prior to the first desired date of use. Each request shall contain the following information: (a) name of the person or group seeking the room(s); (b) name of sponsoring agency, if any; (c) number of individuals involved or expected; (d) purpose of the use and of the activities planned; (e) nature and description of any events, exhibitions or displays to be held in conjunction with the requested use; (f) the inclusive dates of the use and (g) a contact person for the group.

b. The City shall, upon review of the request for use by the City’s FM Representative, have the option to inquire about the person or group’s liability insurance. In the event that satisfactory arrangements for the coverage of potential liability cannot be arranged, any request for use may be denied on that basis. In the event that all or part of the planned COG use poses an unreasonable safety hazard to the person, group or general public, the City may impose such restriction or conditions upon the activity to prevent the hazard. If the person or group seeking to use the COG refuses to allow modifications, the City may deny the request for use of the room.

c. All room use requests shall be approved or disapproved within four (4) days of receipt of room use application.

2. Admission fees or registration fees may not be charged at the door for any meetings, programs, workshops or educational functions. Pre-registration fees may not be collected as a requirement to attend the meeting, program, workshop or educational function. All meetings, programs, workshops and educational functions hosted by outside groups must be open to the public.

3. The COG is not available for money raising, sale of items (unless a City sponsored or co-sponsored event) or private functions. “Private functions” include, but are not limited to, the following group types:

a. Wedding rehearsal dinners, weddings or wedding receptions

b. Birthday or anniversary parties

c. Bridal showers

d. Family or family type dinners, gatherings, socials or reunions

e. School graduation receptions

4. Smoking and/or drinking alcoholic beverages or the promotion of smoking and/or drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

5. The capacity of the COG varies with use type. All three rooms may be reserved separately or as a group.

6. Light refreshments, such as canned beverages, cookies, rolls, etc., may be served in the COG. Limited kitchenette facilities are available. No food or food related items may be stored in the kitchenette. An exception will be made for advance meeting preparations. No food preparation is to take place in the COG. Groups are required to dispose of any food or food related trash in the provided receptacles, as well as to clean any surfaces adversely affected by the serving of refreshments. Groups are also responsible for any damage to the COG or furnishings incurred from the accidental staining from food or drink products. Groups will notify the FM Representative if food will be served so appropriate number of trash receptacles will be available.

7. Groups using the COG are responsible for setting up. Furniture not already in the room(s), including additional chairs, should not be added to the room(s). Groups must return the COG to the condition it was in before the group’s use of it. All sound walls must be returned to storage configurations after use. Failure by a group to attend to both of these matters may result in the loss of meeting COG privileges and/or security deposit. Staff is not available to move furniture.

8. Individuals and groups using the COG should be aware of the rights of building visitors and City staff to use the building in an atmosphere conducive to the use of the facility. Excessive noise or activity that interferes with the use of the building is not permitted. The FM Representative maintains the authority to deny use of the COG to any group(s) that in her/his judgment will disturb the overall quality of service in the building due to the size or disruptive activity of the meeting.

9. The City does not provide childcare or childcare facilities for any meeting attendees.

10. City programs and meetings will be given first priority for scheduling.

11. Groups with regularly scheduled meetings must reschedule those meetings every three months.

12. No groups or organization may use the building’s address or phone number as its official mailing address or headquarters.

13. The City is not responsible for theft of or damage to property brought to the COG or other areas in the building.

14. The City reserves the right to cancel and/or disallow a reservation for use when security issues or emergency situations prevail. Activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will result in a reservation for use being cancelled and/or disallowed.

15. Reservations are not accepted during dates when City offices are closed (e.g., holidays).

Non-residents of the City of Olathe or businesses, corporations, or commercial entities are allowed room use privileges.

SECTION THREE: The hourly fee structure for the COG by group is listed below. The COG has three separate rooms that may be combined but shall be billed no more than the single room rate whether a single room or multiple rooms are requested.

The fees for meeting room use shall be adopted by the Governing Body of the City by separate resolution. Charges shall apply to the following individual or group categories:

Category One: Residents of the City of Olathe

Category Two: Non-Residents of the City of Olathe

Category Three: Olathe Corporations, Businesses or Commercial Entities

Category Four: Non-Olathe Corporations, Businesses or Commercial Entities

Category Five: 501(c)(3) and Government Groups


Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Monday and Wednesday, 5 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

Payment for 1) a security deposit and 2) all rental fees are due upon the FM Representative’s approval of the application. The security deposit will be returned in full after the COG and adjacent areas have been inspected and no damages are assessed.

If damages are found to exist, they will be estimated and assessed to the group or organization responsible for the use of the area (and adjacent areas). The security deposit will be forfeited, and costs in excess of the deposit will be collected.

To cancel the reservation, notice must be given via telephone at least one business day prior to the event. The deposit and reservation fees will both be refunded within the next accounting cycle.

SECTION FOUR: Use of the COG by any group or organization does not constitute an endorsement by the City of Olathe of the group’s policies or beliefs. The City of Olathe will not knowingly permit any individual or group to use the COG in contravention of this resolution, the Olathe Municipal Code or federal or state law and reserves the right to deny use of the COG to any group that knowingly violates this resolution, the Olathe Municipal Code or federal or state law.

SECTION FIVE: Any person or group aggrieved by the denial of the use of the COG under this Resolution may appeal to the City Manager within ten (10) days of receipt of the denial.

SECTION SIX: All persons, groups or organizations using the COG take the premises “as is” and assume all risk of injury, including death or property damage, to members of the group, organization, event participants and event spectators which might arise out of activities or out of conditions present on the facilities and groups.

Every person, group or organization using the COG shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the City and its employees from any and all liability or financial loss, costs or expenses resulting from any suits, claims, losses or actions brought against the City and/or employees which results directly or indirectly from the wrongful or negligent actions of any person or group including sponsors, spectators, participants, members, officers, directors or agents.

SECTION SEVEN: Resolution No. 06-1133 is hereby repealed.

SECTION EIGHT: This Resolution shall take effect on December 6, 2011.

ADOPTED by the Governing Body 6th day of December, 2011.

SIGNED by the Mayor this 6th day of December, 2011.

Michael E. Copeland



Donald T. Howell

City Clerk



Thomas A. Glinstra

City Attorney