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The purpose of the UDO is to:

Implement the City's Comprehensive Plan, known as PlanOlathe; and

Provide standards and procedures for new development and redevelopment within the City and subject to its regulatory jurisdiction; and

Conform to all applicable requirements of Kansas and federal law; and

Provide standards that are appropriate to their context; and

Establish procedures for processing development that encourage appropriate and streamlined land use decisions; and

Provide regulations in language that is easy to read and understand by everyone who interacts with the development approval process; and

Provide standards that, wherever possible, are clear and capable of administration through streamlined procedures; and

Create incentives for development that is consistent with PlanOlathe, in addition to required standards; and

Protect neighborhoods from incompatible development; and

Provide standards that are realistic and work in the market; and

Accommodate housing that is affordable for the City's entire spectrum of households;

Encourage mixed use centers that are designated by PlanOlathe; and

Accommodate the redevelopment of the City's built-up areas, such as Downtown and older commercial areas; and

Require and encourage open and civic spaces that are appropriate to their context; and

Encourage energy-efficient, sustainable development practices.