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A. Categories

The City is divided into the following categories of zoning districts:

Table 18.20-1. Zoning District Categories



Statutory Reference


Districts that establish uniform use, dimensional and design standards. For some of these districts, composite categories are established that apply varying grades of site and building design.

KSA 12-753


Districts that establish additional standards that supplement the conventional districts.

KSA 12-755


Development in planned districts is subject to a site development plan approved as part of a rezoning application.

KSA 12-755 (planned unit development)

B. Districts

The City of Olathe is divided into the following zoning districts, with the categories assigned to them in Table 18.20-2:

Table 18.20-2. Zoning Districts Established




Residential and Agricultural Districts

AG (Agricultural)

R-1 (Single-Family)

R-2 (Two-Family)

R-3 (Low-Density Multifamily)

R-4 (Medium-Density Multifamily)

Mixed Use and Commercial Districts

N (Neighborhood)

O (Office)

C-1 (Commercial Neighborhood)

C-2 (Community Center)

C-3 (Regional Center)

C-4 (Commercial Corridor)

D (Downtown)

TOD (Transit Oriented Development)

PR (Planned Redevelopment)

Employment and Industrial Districts

BP (Business Park)

M-1 (Light Industrial)

M-2 and M-3 (Heavy Industrial)

Miscellaneous Districts

PD (Planned Development)

North Ridgeview Road Overlay

Cedar Creek Overlay

(Ord. 19-56 § 2, 2019; Ord. 17-52 §§ 2, 41, 2017)