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18.20.050 AG (Agricultural)
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Purpose: The AG (agricultural) district:

Maintains and enhances agricultural operations and preserves agricultural lands used for crop production or the raising of livestock; and

Where appropriate, serves as a “holding zone” for land where future urban expansion is possible, but not yet appropriate, due to the unavailability of urban-level facilities and services. This allows limited commercial and industrial uses that are of limited duration or compatible with the uses shown on the Future Land Use Plan of the Comprehensive Plan;

Allows utility type uses that are appropriate on open or rural lands, such as wind farms.

This district implements the following policies of the Comprehensive Plan:

LUCC-6.1: channel growth where it will contribute to the long-term community vision.

HN-5.2: provide for lower-density development away from centers.

A. Permitted Uses

1. See Section 18.20.500 (Use Matrix).

2. Properties zoned to the AG district in conjunction with annexation into the City’s corporate limits may continue operating or using the land for a land use not permitted in the AG district as a legal nonconforming use under Section 18.60.030.

3. Properties operating under a conditional use permit (CUP) approved under the jurisdiction of Johnson County may continue until expiration of the CUP or rezoning of the property, whichever occurs first.

B. Dimensional Standards

Development in the AG district is subject to the following dimensional standards:

Lot area

(minimum – residences only)

• 40 acres.*

Lot width (minimum)

• 600 feet.

Height (maximum)


Agricultural and nonresidential structures/uses

• 2½ stories/35 feet.

• 35 feet, or 50 feet for agricultural structures.

Structures taller than 35 feet must be set back from all property lines a distance equal to or greater than their height, up to a maximum height of 75 feet.

Front, side and rear yards (minimum)

• 50 feet.

Setbacks for parking/paving (minimum – nonagricultural uses)

• 30 feet from street right-of-way.

• 10 feet from property lines other than street right-of-way.

*Properties zoned to the AG district in conjunction with annexation into the City’s corporate limits which are less than forty (40) acres in size are classified as a legal nonconforming lot under Section 18.60.040.

C. Development and Performance Standards for AG

1. There are no restrictions as to operation of agricultural vehicles and machinery that are used to raise or harvest products on the premises.

2. There is no restriction on the sale or marketing of products raised on the premises.

3. All buildings, structures or yards used to raise, feed, house or sell livestock or poultry must be located at least one hundred (100) feet from residentially zoned land.

4. Disposal of garbage, rubbish or offal is not permitted within three hundred (300) feet of residentially zoned land. This does not apply to normal household or business garbage pickup.

5. Where a lot or tract had less than the required minimum lot area in separate ownership on April 19, 1981, this ordinance does not prohibit the erection or alteration of a single-family dwelling.

6. Where development utilizing septic tanks is proposed, applicant must submit a septic tank suitability study in accordance with Section 18.30.260 at the time of filing the application for agricultural zoning. (Ord. 22-22 § 3, 2022; Ord. 19-56 § 3, 2019)