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18.20.260 North Ridgeview Road Overlay
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Purpose: The purpose of the overlay district designation is to encourage development that will be a major asset to Olathe. This area represents a major gateway into Olathe and, as such, gives a “first impression” of the City for visitors and residents. Therefore, it is important that the development of this area be highly attractive and functional. Further, the purpose of this section is to promote a level of quality that can serve as the basis for the high quality of development that Olathe desires. Individual developers are encouraged to expand upon these guidelines to attain a level of development quality that will ultimately generate an economically enhanced and pedestrian friendly area for Olathe.

B. Design: Due to the area’s topography, development at the interchange of K-10 Highway and Ridgeview Road is much more visible to highway traffic than at any of Olathe's other interchanges. Therefore, the North Ridgeview Road Corridor Overlay District is intended to assure that the types of land uses, development patterns, and designs present a high-quality visual image for the City of Olathe. The Comprehensive Plan anticipates that in the North Ridgeview Corridor, the area north of College Boulevard will be developed with nonresidential uses and the area south of College Boulevard will be developed with a mix of residential and nonresidential uses. (Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)

A. North Ridgeview Road Corridor Overlay District Designated

The North Ridgeview Road Corridor shall include the land bounded by K-10 Highway to the north, right-of-way of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, on the west, 119th Street on the south, and either the corporate limits of Olathe or the half-section line of Section 18 of Township 14, Range 24, on the east. (Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)

B. Permitted Uses

No building, structure, land or premises shall be used, and no building or structure shall hereafter be erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved or altered, except for one (1) or more of the uses set forth below:

Uses permitted by right:

Conditional uses:

• In AG districts, only agricultural uses shall be permitted and shall be subject to all applicable standards and regulations in Chapter 18.16. No Special Use Permits for nonagricultural uses except public parkland uses will be permitted.

• All land currently zoned AG shall, upon application for rezoning and upon submission of required development plans, receive O, C-1, C-3, or BP zoning designation(s). In each zoning district, all uses respective to that district shall be permitted, except for those listed below, and shall be subject to the corresponding applicable standards and regulations of the corresponding chapters.

• No conditional uses are allowed in AG districts.

• All uses identified as conditionally permitted in O, C-1, C-3, or BP, except for any use listed as prohibited below.

• Accessory uses, subject to the provisions of section 18.50.020.

The following uses are prohibited in O, C-1, C-3 and BP districts:

Amusement services, outdoor only.

Automotive repair services with overhead doors and repair bays facing an arterial roadway or K-10 Highway.

Automotive sales, leasing, and rental services.

Automotive services, other than repairs and car washes.


Car washes, except for single-bay car washes attached to a convenience store.

Correctional institutions or facilities (public or private).

Drive-in motion picture theaters.

Eating places with drive-through or drive-in service facilities (e.g. menu boards, microphones, pick-up windows, stacking lanes, etc.) facing an arterial roadway or K-10 Highway.

Freestanding telecommunications towers.

Frozen food services, including lockers.

Mini-storage warehouses.

Miscellaneous manufacturing industries.

Outdoor storage yards of any kind.

Retail nurseries, lawn and garden supply stores (within outdoor display and storage, not within a confinement area).

Satellite dish antenna sales, unless entirely enclosed within a building.

Truck stops.

Veterinary clinics, animal hospitals or dog kennels with outside runs.

Warehousing, distribution, or storage facilities.

C. Design Guidelines

Development within the North Ridgeview Road Corridor Overlay District shall be subject to the design guideline standards for the North Ridgeview Road Corridor Area adopted pursuant to Resolution No. 01-1181 or amendments thereto. (Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)