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18.30.080 Easements
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A. Utility Easements

1. Applicability

Utility easements must be provided where a public or private utility is required by this chapter.

2. Location

The utility easements must be adjacent to the existing and/or proposed right-of-way, and be centered on rear or side lot lines.

3. Width

Utility easements must be at least fifteen (15) feet wide when dedicated for a City utility, or ten (10) feet wide when dedicated for any other utility placement. A sanitary or drainage easement, which is combined with another utility for a dual-purpose easement, must be at least twenty (20) feet wide. However, the City Engineer may increase or decrease the required easement width where required by local conditions and pipe size.

4. Dedication

The utility easements must be dedicated to the City of Olathe or to the utility provider for their intended purpose.

B. Common Driveways

See Section 18.30.050.E.

C. Drainage

1. Applicability

If a subdivision is traversed by a watercourse, drainage way, channel, stormwater infrastructure, stream or the regulatory floodplain, then a storm water easement must be provided.

2. Width and Configuration

a. The easement must conform substantially to the lines of the watercourse.

b. The easement must have sufficient width and construction to provide adequate storm water drainage and maintenance access.

c. Drainage easements must be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet for enclosed structures and twenty (20) feet for open (paved or grass lined) channels where they cross private property. The City Engineer may adjust the required width where needed to comply with subsection b, above.

3. Location

a. Drainage easements must be separate from utility easements.

4. Recreational Easements

Recreational easements are required where parks or open space areas on plats are public, part of a public park or open space, or provide a connecting link to public recreational use areas such as lakes, parks and multi-purpose trails.

5. Public Easements

Public utility easements must be provided when necessary and be adjacent to the proposed right-of-way. The minimum width must be at least ten (10) feet wide and dedicated to the City of Olathe for the purpose of placing water and sanitary sewer lines. (Ord. 19-74 § 3, 2019; Ord. 10-57 § 3, 2010; Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)