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18.30.170 Parks/Open Space/Civic Space Standards
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A. Applicability

This subsection applies to any proposed development that –

1. Is required to provide parks, open spaces or civic spaces by Chapters 18.15 or 18.20, or

2. Is required to provide landscaping, buffer or screening spaces by Section 18.30.130 of this chapter.

B. Coordination with Adjoining Developments

Where the subdivision or development is less than forty (40) acres, public open space and school sites which are to be dedicated shall, where possible, be coordinated and combined with dedications from adjoining subdivision in order to produce usable recreational areas without hardship on a particular subdivider or developer. (Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)

C. Assurance of Maintenance and Liability for Private Open Spaces

1. This subsection applies to private open spaces such as landscape or screening tracts, residential subdivision entries, and to private greenways, parks, or common open space areas that are indicated on a proposed final plat.

2. The applicant shall provide a document that:

a. provides assurance of how the private open spaces will be maintained, and

b. identifies the organization (e.g. a homes association) that will be the legal entity with permanent responsibility and authority to install, maintain and repair the private open space, and

c. assigns responsibility to the entity identified in subsection b above to pay all expenses, including taxes and special assessments.

3. Said document shall be recorded with the Johnson County Register of Deeds office concurrent with the recording of the final plat. (Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)