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18.30.200 Soil Stockpiles
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A. Applicability

This section applies to any soil stockpile, defined as excess soil gathered in a specific location. This typically occurs during construction, where soil is for storage, changing the natural grade, or creating proper building elevations.

B. Setback

Soil stockpiles shall not be located within a required building setback area.

C. Height

1. Soil stockpiles shall not exceed fifteen (15) feet above existing natural grade.

2. For each additional twenty (20) feet of setback, the height may increase one (1) foot with a maximum height of thirty (30) above existing natural grade.

D. Slope

The slope shall not exceed a 3:1 ratio.

E. Erosion and Sedimentation

Stockpiles shall be seeded and comply with Title 17 (17.14 Erosion and Sediment Control) requirements.