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18.30.210 Storm Water Management
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A. Generally

The developer shall provide improvements necessary to adequately handle storm water in the form of storm or flood water runoff channels, basins and/or drainage systems.

B. Technical Specifications

All storm-water drainage systems shall conform to the Technical Specifications manual and Title 17 of the Municipal Code.

C. Public Storm Sewer Systems

1. Where a public storm sewer is accessible, the developer shall install storm sewer facilities connecting to such systems.

2. All public storm-sewer systems shall be extended to the subdivision or development property limits.

D. Onsite Detention or Retention

1. Storm water detention basins or areas shall comply with the Technical Specifications and Title 17 of the Municipal Code.

2. Basins visible to the public shall be incorporated into the design as an amenity or focal point in the site design.

3. Detention/retention basins and ponds shall be landscaped around the perimeter. Landscaping should include native grasses, shade and ornamental trees, evergreens, shrubbery, hedges and/or other live planting materials. (Ord. 09-22 § 7, 2009)

4. Basins visible to the public or from adjacent property shall have a wet bottom design. The need to provide water movement should be handled creatively with such elements as spray fountains or waterfalls.

5. Dry basins in public view are allowed if designed as a primary focal element of the site as an extensively landscaped open space. Dry bottom basins shall be designed so the slopes and bottoms can be easily maintained. The bottom shall be sloped adequately to ensure proper surface drainage. Casual water flow should be piped underground. If properly designed and maintained, dry bottom basins may be designed as wetlands to remove non-point source pollutants from storm water runoff.

6. Geometric basins with constant side slopes are allowed only in areas not visible to the public or from adjacent property. Geometric basins shall be easily maintained and routinely mowed.

7. When fencing is required or provided, fencing shall be a decorative material that coordinates with other elements on the site, such as stone or brick columns. Fencing shall be open to allow views into and across the landscaped detention area.

E. Assurance for Completion of Improvements

The developer shall provide a performance and maintenance bond, a letter of credit or other surety acceptable to the City as required by Title 17 of the City of Olathe Municipal Code to ensure that all erosion control measures and water quality features are installed and maintained and that all of the development’s streets and sidewalks remain free of debris (e.g., dirt, mud, gravel, etc.) during all phases of construction.