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Purpose. The neighborhood meeting process is designed to inform residents of the proposed project and resolve issues that may impact the quality of life in the area or the value of the surrounding properties.

A. Applicability

1. This section applies to any application initiated by a property owner for a:

a. Preliminary or final site development plan; or

b. Major change to a preliminary or final site development plan; or

c.  Rezoning; or

d.  Special use permit; or

e. Preliminary subdivision plat.

2. A neighborhood meeting is required if the proposed development is located adjacent to or within five hundred (500) feet of residential developments.

3. A new nonresidential or mixed-use development must send notice to other nonresidential development within five hundred (500) feet of the proposed development. However, no meeting with those developments is required. (Ord. 22-22 § 6, 2022)

B. Meeting Process

1. The applicant shall provide written notice fixing the time, date, and place of the meeting to all property owners of record and all homes associations within five hundred (500) feet of the proposed development area. When applicable, the applicant shall include the site plan and elevations associated with the application. The notice shall be mailed at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

2. The meeting shall be held at least twenty (20) days or more prior to the scheduled meeting before the Planning Commission in order to allow adequate time to revise plans to address neighborhood issues and to provide a summary of the meeting issues to City staff.

3. The Neighborhood Meeting shall include a complete overview of the proposed application. The applicant shall provide a project description, site plan, building elevations and complete explanation and details of the proposed development which are sufficient for residents to gain an understanding of the specific application.

4. The applicant shall provide staff with the list of property owners within 500 feet of the subject property that received an invitation to the Neighborhood Meeting.

C. Statement to Planning Commission

1. The applicant shall provide an accurate written summary or minutes of the meeting to City staff to forward to the Planning Commission.

2. The summary shall include the following:

a. the date and location of the meeting;

b. a list of all property owners and other parties who were in attendance;

c. the time at which the meeting commenced;

d. a list of questions and comments posed by the parties in attendance;

e. the applicant’s response to those questions and comments, including any issues that remain unresolved; and

f. the time at which the meeting adjourned.

3. The summary will become part of the application to the Planning Commission or Governing Body. (Ord. 22-22 § 6, 2022; Ord. 16-20 § 4, 2016)