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The purpose of this section is to provide for updates to this Title in order to modify procedures and standards for workability and administrative efficiency, eliminate unnecessary development costs, and to update the procedures and standards to reflect changes in the law or the state of the art in land use planning and urban design.

A. At least once every calendar year, the Planning Official shall prepare amendments to this Title that update, clarify, or edit this Title for changes such as spelling, grammar correction, formatting, text selection, or addition of text in compliance with existing ordinances, statutes or case law.

B. Any person may provide a request for amendment to this chapter to the Planning Official. The request for amendment shall be labeled an "update request" and shall include a summary of the proposed changes, the reason for the proposed changes, and suggested text amendments.

C. The Planning Official may meet with city departments, the planning commission, and the city council. The Director may conduct workshops to informally discuss the update requests with neighborhoods, developers, homebuilders, design professionals, and other stakeholders in the development process.

D. Formal amendments that are prepared as part of the annual update program are processed as text amendments (§ 18.40.080).