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Purpose: this section describes how the City makes changes to the rules and regulations in this title. The procedures in this section are largely required by Kansas law.

A. Applicability

This section applies to any action by the Governing Body to change the text of this title.

B. Initiation

Application for a zoning text amendment may only be filed by the Governing Body or Planning Commission. A neighborhood meeting is not required.

C. Completeness Review

Not applicable.

D. Decision

1. Notice by publication is required (see Section 18.40.050.A).

2. The Planning Commission submits a recommendation, and the Governing Body may approve or deny the text amendment, as provided in Section 18.40.060.B. The Governing Body approves a text amendment by ordinance.

E. Subsequent Applications

There is no limit on reapplication for a text amendment.

F. Scope of Approval

A text amendment does not authorize development. Any development that occurs after the text amendment is adopted is subject to all applicable requirements of this title, as revised by the text amendment.

G. Publication

An ordinance (or summary) adopting a text amendment is published in the City’s official newspaper in accordance with Kansas law.