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An administrative review procedure shall be available for certain changes to approved plans, existing developments or projects that may be deemed minor in nature, and do not alter the concept or intent of the approved plan, existing development or project.

For purposes of this section, minor changes that may be approved with an administrative review shall include the following:

A. Increases in the density or intensity of residential uses of not more than five (5) percent.

B. Increases in the total floor area of all nonresidential buildings covered by the plan of not more than five (5) percent.

C. Increases of floor area for any one (1) nonresidential building covered by the plan of not more than five (5) percent.

D. Increases of lot coverage by not more than five (5) percent.

E. Increases in the height of any building of not more than ten (10) percent.

F. Changes of building materials and architectural style that:

Will not make the project less compatible with surrounding uses with regard to building materials, building composition, roof forms, entryways, or similar elements, or

Buildings that do not conform to the composite building and site standards of this ordinance may be granted exceptions to those composite standards. The purpose of this provision is to allow existing buildings to be expanded or enlarged in a manner that matches the existing building design and materials. The additions shall be compatible with surrounding properties (see Section 18.60.020.F).

G. Changes in phasing or stages of construction that will not lead to a different development concept.

H. Decreases of any peripheral setback of not more than five (5) percent.

I. Decreases of areas devoted to open space of not more than five (5) percent or the substantial relocation of such areas.

J. Any other condition deemed minor by the Planning Official.

Any change not defined above shall be considered a major change subject to Section 18.40.120.

Any administrative review application with no communication from the applicant for more than six (6) months shall be considered null and void. The applicant will be required to submit a new application and fees for the final site development plan review to continue.

Denial of an administrative review application by the Planning Official may be appealed to the Planning Commission. (Ord. 17-52 §§ 24, 41, 2017; Ord. 15-16 § 3, 2015)