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Chapter 18.50 Supplemental Use Regulations

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Purpose: this chapter establishes standards for individual uses or activities that supplement the other requirements of this title. This chapter addresses requirements that are unique to those uses. In addition, this chapter can streamline development approval by:

In some situations, replacing discretionary review (such as special use permits) with clear predictable standards, which avoids the need for additional permit review, and

for some uses, establishing additional permissions or options for location or design that meet the unique needs of the use.

A. This chapter establishes standards for particular uses

These standards apply to a use that is subject to this chapter in addition to the standards established in the zoning regulations (Chapters 18.15 and 18.20) and any applicable development standards (Chapter 18.30).

B. All uses shall comply with all other applicable requirements of the Municipal Code.

C. If a requirement of this chapter conflicts with a requirement established elsewhere in this title, the requirement of this chapter governs.