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18.50.130 Outdoor Dining
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A. Applicability

This section applies to outdoor dining, defined as the use of locations outside of an enclosed building, on sidewalks , or on public rights-of-way for the consumption of food and/or beverages.

B. Standards

1. Eating establishments may have an outdoor dining area that is accessory to the main building.

2. The outdoor dining area must be a well-defined space, designed and serviced to keep debris from blowing off the premises. A durable barrier that is at least 36 inches high must separate the outdoor dining area from any pedestrian way or sidewalk, vehicle travel lane, or parking area.

3. Outdoor dining adjacent to a sidewalk is allowed only if the sidewalk is wide enough to adequately accommodate both the usual pedestrian traffic in the area and the operation of the proposed activity. The outdoor dining area shall leave at least 36 consecutive inches of sidewalk width at every point which is clear and unimpeded for pedestrian traffic. This does not require the installation of barriers on sidewalks.

4. Patrons must gain entrance through the main entrance to the restaurant, but at least one (1) exit must be provided for fire safety. (Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)