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Purpose: This chapter establishes a framework of guidelines, criteria, and standards for building and site design to:

Promote greater interest in the appearance, development, and redevelopment of all properties as it relates to a project, its surroundings, and throughout the community by providing guidance and direction for high quality development and redevelopment in Olathe; and

Protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the City, residents, property owners, business owners, and visitors; and

Implement the goals, objectives, and policies of PlanOlathe; and

Encourage attractiveness, cohesiveness, and compatibility of buildings and sites to achieve harmonious appearance and function while protecting property values; and

Provide guidance for development and redevelopment while protecting the City’s rich history and protecting natural resources throughout the built environment; and

Maintain and improve the qualities of, and relationships between, individual buildings, structures and the physical development in such a manner as to best contribute to the amenities and attractiveness of the City.

These design standards are minimum requirements. Applicants are encouraged to use higher quality materials, more frequent building articulation, higher connectivity, a greater amount of open or civic spaces, or a greater percentage of sustainable or green building design or materials. (Ord. 19-63 § 3, 2019; Ord. 18-48 § 2, 2018)