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A. Zoning Classification at the Time of Annexation

A property owner shall request rezoning to a City of Olathe zoning district classification during the annexation process. The public hearing by the Planning Commission to consider a zoning request may be held prior to annexation of the subject property into the City. The City Council may approve the City zoning classification, annexation and annexation agreement concurrently.

B. Zoning Classification and Regulations After Annexation

1. Any owner of land within the area annexed may apply for rezoning under the laws and procedures of the City, and as granted by KSA 12-756 and 12-757, after the effective date of annexation.

2. If property annexed before the effective date of this Title is rezoned to a City zoning district, all zoning requirements and regulations of the City take effect, and the regulations of the prior zoning jurisdiction terminate, within the annexed area.

C. Enforcement

The City may secure civil remedies for violations of prior zoning jurisdiction regulations to the same extent that it may secure civil remedies for violations of this ordinance pursuant to Chapter 18.70.