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18.30.090 Erosion and Sedimentation Control
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Purpose: this section governs earthwork or the movement of land, excavation or disturbance of soil, which could result in erosion during construction activities. It controls erosion, sedimentation and earth, soil or rock removal and dust problems which result in damage to or loss of topsoil and sedimentation that affects the quality of runoff or the capacity of storm sewers, drainage channels, streams and structures or adversely affect adjacent properties. Erosion Control Standards are set forth in Title 17 (17.14 Erosion and Sediment Control).

A. City Engineer Rulemaking Authority

The City Engineer shall adopt and maintain a compendium of erosion and sedimentation controls, establishing minimum standards to avoid or control potential environmental problems resulting from the movement of earth, resculpturing of the land during or subsequent to development. The standards shall be set forth in the City’s Technical Specifications and Design Criteria manual.

B. Applicability

This section applies to any application for a public improvement or building permit involving new or existing structure construction and involving substantial earthwork, land excavation or disturbance of soil. This includes new single-family residential construction.

C. Permit Required

1. A permit from the City Engineer is required before any land modification occurs.

2. The permit shall include a soil erosion control plan meeting the applicable standards.

3. The application for permits shall be submitted on forms provided by the City.

4. Stormwater permits may be required as set forth in Title 17 (17.12 Bonds, Maintenance Assurances, and Stormwater Permits).

D. Violations

For any violation, including the failure to properly install or maintain soil erosion control devices, the City Engineer may revoke the permit or to stop work on any development, building or structure on any land in accordance with Title 17. (Ord. 05-49 § 2, 2005; Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)