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Purpose: this section establishes a streamlined process to approve minor plats.

A. Applicability

This section applies to Minor Plats, which include any of the following:

1. A subdivision containing no more than five (5) lots.

2. Final plats not requiring dedication of public right-of-way or easements. A plat that includes public street right-of-way or public easements to be dedicated to the City is processed under Sections 18.40.150 and 18.40.160. A minor plat may include the dedication of private utility easements.

3. An adjustment in boundaries of adjoining platted lots.

4. A resurvey to combine two (2) or more platted lots or tracts.

5. A resurvey of platted lots or tracts containing two-family or multi-family residential structures to subdivide the dwelling units for individual ownership (i.e., condominium plats).

6. A resurvey of platted lots or tracts containing non-residential structures to subdivide building units for individual ownership (i.e., condominium plats, townhouse plats).

B. Initiation

An application for Minor Plat approval is filed with the Planning Official. The application is presented by combining the preliminary and final plat.

C. Completeness Review

See § 18.40.040 Completeness Review.

D. Decision

1. Applications for minor plat shall be scheduled for consideration by the Planning Commission approximately thirty (30) days from the application deadline date according to the approved Minor Plat Application Review Schedule.

2. The Planning Commission will consider the minor plat without a public hearing, unless the applicant requests a public hearing.

3. The Planning Commission may approve, approve with conditions, or deny the minor plat. The Planning Commission shall render its decision within 60 days after its first meeting after the plat is submitted to the Planning Official. If the Planning Commission fails to timely render its decision, the plat is deemed approved.

4. If the final plat is approved or the Planning Commission fails to render a timely decision, the Planning Official shall issue a certificate upon demand.

5. Denial of an application for minor plat may be appealed to the Governing Body. Appeals shall be filed by the applicant within fifteen (15) days of the date of Planning Commission determination.

E. Approval Criteria

The approving authority shall approve the preliminary plat if it finds that the following criteria are satisfied:

1. The proposed minor plat conforms to the requirements of Chapter 18.30, the applicable zoning district regulations and any other applicable provisions of the Municipal Code, subject only to acceptable rule exceptions.

2. The subdivision represents an overall development pattern that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, Major Street Map, Access Management Plan, and applicable corridor studies and plans.

3. The plat contains a sound, well-conceived parcel and land subdivision layout which is consistent with good land planning and site engineering design principles.

4. The spacing and design of proposed curb cuts, driveway approaches and intersection locations is consistent with the Access Management Plan, good traffic engineering design and public safety considerations.

5. The plat conforms to any existing, unexpired and valid conditions of rezoning, special use permit or site development plan approval.

6. All submission requirements are satisfied.

F. Subsequent Applications

1. When an application for a final plat is withdrawn or denied, the same application for the same property shall not be resubmitted for a period of one (1) year from the date of withdrawal or denial.

2. A new plat application showing major modifications and/or revisions to the withdrawn or denied plat application may be submitted at any time.

G. Scope of Approval

1. Minor plats shall be recorded with the Register of Deeds office within two (2) years following Governing Body approval of land dedicated to public purposes. Minor plats which are not timely recorded are null and void.

2. No plat shall be recorded before the applicant submits satisfactory assurances for construction of public improvements.