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18.50.230 Utility Buildings and Cabinets
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A. Applicability

This section applies to utility cabinets and to public utilities, defined as:

Public Utility

Any facility that includes equipment, plant or generating machinery, to provide telephone, gas, electricity, water, sewer, transportation, stormwater management, cable television, or fiber optic.

Utility Cabinet

An above-ground cabinet, pedestal, transformer, communications terminal or box, feature or appurtenance. Utility cabinets include electric transformers, switch boxes, telephone pedestals and telephone boxes, cable television boxes, traffic control boxes, and similar devices.

B. Above-Ground Utility Cabinets

1. All above-ground electrical and/or telephone cabinets shall be placed within the interior side or rear building setback yards.

2. The Planning Official may approve the placement of utility cabinets in the front or corner side yards adjacent to street right-of-way if the developer can demonstrate that specific factors (i.e., size, topography, location or configuration of land) would interfere with required placement. If alternate placement is granted, utility cabinets shall be screened with landscaping and/or other screening materials. A screening plan shall be submitted when a request is made for permission to relocate utility cabinets.

C. Public Utility Buildings

1. Outside storage of materials and equipment is an accessory use of buildings used by public utilities.

2. All storage must be screened as viewed from off the premises, in accordance with Section 18.30.130.I (Screening). (Ord. 17-52 §§ 33, 41, 2017; Ord. 02-54 § 2, 2002)