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18.20.220 PD (Planned District)
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Purpose: The “PD” (Planned District) provides for development of office, research and development, light assembly, limited retail and service uses, and residential uses in a mixed-use setting. This district is a planned zoning district that encourages innovative land planning and design in a way that is not possible under the conventional zoning districts by:

Reducing or eliminating the inflexibility that results from strict application of zoning standards that were designed primarily for suburban development;

Allowing greater freedom in selecting the means to provide access, light, open or civic space and design amenities;

Promoting quality development and environmentally sensitive development by allowing development to take advantage of special site characteristics, locations and land uses; and

Allowing deviations from certain zoning standards that would otherwise apply if not contrary to the general spirit and intent of this code.

The PD District is not available for conventional development projects, or as a means to reduce standards and requirements of conventional, planned or Center zoning districts. (Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)

The "PD" District is available in any future land use category, and provides a discretionary review process for projects that use alternative ways to implement the comprehensive plan policies.

A. Permitted Uses

See Section 18.20.500 (Use Matrix).

Uses permitted by right:

Prohibited uses:

• Any use permitted in a conventional zoning district

• Billboards.

• Distribution centers or other warehousing operations requiring large numbers of trucks.

• Dealers or businesses with outdoor display of automotive, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boat, construction equipment, farm equipment and other similar miscellaneous motor vehicles and equipment for sale, rent or lease.

• Heavy and intensive industrial uses otherwise permitted in M-1 zoning.

• Lumber yards.

• Mini-storage warehouses.

• Outdoor storage yards of any kind.

• Truck stops.

• Any other uses deemed by the City Council to be incompatible with the character of the area.

(Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)

B. Regulations for “PD” District

1. Development and performance standards for the PD zoning district shall be established in development agreements approved at the time of zoning.

2. The following otherwise applicable zoning standards and regulations shall be established as part of rezoning application and preliminary development plans:

a. Permitted and prohibited uses,

b. Density,

c. Floor area or floor area ratios,

d. lot size,

e. setbacks,

f. building height,

g. open or civic space,

h. off-street and on-street parking and loading,

i. signs,

j. screening, landscaping or buffering,

k. building design,

l. site design,

m. tree preservation,

n. sustainability,

o. project phasing, and

p. compatibility standards. (Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)

3. The submittal by the developer and the approval by the City of development plans is a firm commitment by the developer that development will comply with the approved plans.

4. The City Council may grant waivers from development requirements as provided for in Section 18.40.240 if it determines that other amenities or conditions will be gained to the extent that an equal or higher quality development is produced. (Ord. 02-54 §2, 2002)

5. Rule exceptions or waivers to the standards set forth in Chapter 18.68, Subdivision and Lot Splits, may be granted at the time of final development plan or final plat approval under the same conditions applicable to plat approvals.