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18.20.160 C-4 (Corridor Commercial)
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Purpose: The C-4 (Corridor Commercial) District provides for retail and wholesale sales and services with only minor restrictions. This district implements the Commercial Corridor future land use category of the Comprehensive Plan.

The C-4 district is consistent with the Commercial Corridor future land use category, and implements the following Comprehensive Plan policies:

LUCC-6.2: Santa Fe Commercial Corridor.

LUCC-8.2: Use zoning as a tool to avoid or minimize conflicts between land uses.

A. Permitted Uses

See Section 18.20.500 (Use Matrix).

B. Dimensional Standards

Development in the C-4 District is subject to the following dimensional standards:

Standards →

Site 3, 4, or 5

Site 3 or 5

Height (maximum)

• 3 stories/40 feet

• 12 stories/144 feet

Front yard (minimum)

• 40 feet from arterial street right-of-way

• 15 feet from other street right-of-way

• 15 feet

Side yard (minimum)

• 10 feet

• 7½ feet

Rear yard (minimum)

• 10 feet

• 7½ feet

Parking/paving location

• 15 feet from street right-of-way

• 10 feet from property lines

• 7½ feet

Open space

(see Section 18.30.170)

• 25% net site area

• 10% net site area

C. Parking Regulations for C-4 Developments

1. No more than one hundred fifty (150) percent of the required parking for a use may be provided on site.

2. Where visible from a street, parking lots must be screened by landscaping or street walls between three (3) and four (4) feet in height.

3. Off-street parking areas must be divided into parking modules not to exceed fifty (50) parking spaces.

4. A use may apply adjacent on-street parking toward the minimum parking requirements.

D. Additional Development and Performance Standards for C-4 Developments

1. See Chapters 18.30 (Development Standards) and 18.50 (Supplemental Use Regulations).

2. Setback requirements listed in the dimensional standards table are minimum requirements and may be required to be greater to accommodate landscape buffer requirements found in Section 18.30.130.

3. No merchandise will be stored or displayed outside a building, and no equipment or vehicle other than passenger vehicles will be stored outside a building.

4. Sale of merchandise from a vehicle or temporary structure is prohibited, except as provided for by temporary sales and events permit or catering or food trucks as licensed by the City Clerk. (Ord. 19-64 § 11, 2019; Ord. 16-20 §4, 2016; Ord. 15-16 §3, 2015)